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Custom Coreless Scabbards

Handmade Historical Scabbards

The heart of Buffy Leather is coreless, Medieval Scabbards, purpose made for re-enactors.

As a member of a fighting Medieval re-enacment group, I found issues with traditional wood cored scabbards. They're stiff, inflexible, break and get tangled in your legs when you're fighting. Not good, although historically accurate

I made myself a scabbard, or sheath, just made from thick, 5mm leather and found that, while it held it's shape well, it doesn't break and won't trip you up.

So Buffy Coreless scabbards came into being.

Each scabbard is made bespoke for the sword it's going to fit.

I can build from your measurements, or from your actual sword.

I have access to a wide range of buckles, chapes and other fittings, or you can supply your own

Due to demand, I am now making traditional Wood Cored scabbards too, bespoke made from Poplar ply, before being covered in wet formed leather.

These are great fro show, but I personally wouldn't want to fight wearing one.

Coreless Scabbards: About Us
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